Vivid Reign means visualizing the feeling of what success feels like to you and remaining in that mindset until it becomes your reality. Our clothing line is the uniform to this lifestyle...a daily reminder.

    Stay Vivid...very Vivid.


    As an independent music label, most of our upcoming apparel and merch will represent the music. Expect designs with song lyrics, album artwork, etc. But you can also expect random fly sh*t like philosopher quotes or t-shirt images that represent our mission. As an R&B rapper, all of the music I release is fueled by the Vivid Reign mission.

    Airic, artist/producer/founder


    Funds raised from the Vivid Reign store will help sponsor projects to provide 100% Free Water, Food, Housing, Energy and Healthcare in the U.S. – plus Youth Empowerment programs like Check out for some inspiration on how possible it is to accomplish this self-sustainability goal during our lifetime.


Influencing pop culture with philanthropic fresh sh*t...welcome to our first season.

The Vivid Reign hats are the flagship product to help us remember to keep our vision focused on our goals. But we also offer more dope apparel too. 

Stay Vivid...very Vivid. – AIRIC


Featured collection

Vivid Dadhat

Vivid Dadhat

Regular price $30.00

Vivid Slouchy Tee

Vivid Slouchy Tee

Regular price $23.00

Vivid Tee (Mens)

Vivid Tee (Mens)

Regular price $20.00

Vivid Joggers

Vivid Joggers

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Vivid Hoody (Ladies)

Vivid Hoody (Ladies)

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Is Vivid Reign a non-profit organization?

No. We're a for-profit independent music label. Inspired by CEO's like Manoj Bhargava who founded 5-Hour Energy – he used 99% of his billionaire profit to fund revolutionary inventions: click here to watch what he did. With the profits generated by Vivid Reign™, I plan to do the same. Mansions and private jets are overrated.

What charity organizations does Vivid Reign support?

We currently raise funds and volunteer for – soon we'll start our own non-profit organization to focus more on our specific self-sustainability ideas once we build enough financial support.

How much of my store purchase is going towards funding the Vivid Reign mission?

We try to keep our product prices as low as possible while still providing quality, so after manufacturing costs and fees are paid, about $5.00 commission is received each product.

Where can I buy your music digitally?

Find me on BandCampiTunes, and Google Play. Remember, you can also stream my music for free too (available everywhere) but I appreciate your financial support. – Airic

Where can I buy tickets to your shows?

I'm currently not touring. But to get notified when I'll be performing live shows in your city make sure you track my tour/show dates here or sign up to my mailing list below for email updates! – Airic