Are you immortal?

Are you immortal?

"The last enemy to be eliminated is death."1 Corinthians 15:26

If energy cannot be created, how did the big bang occur? How did energy come to existence? Some of the smartest PhDs in all realms of belief (religious, agnostic, etc.) have acknowledged intelligent design as the only answer that makes sense, since the math of reality is simply too perfect, where a chaotic sequence of randomness could never support human life.

POV's like Buddhists, Hinduism, and Law of Attraction/New Age says everyone is a piece of God, equal to God since "we are God" – and "this life is merely our souls observing existence from a unique lens as a part of a whole"... and when we die, we simply "return back to consciousness, to the source of the universe."

Well, observation is only an attribute of existence (an experience), it's not the underlying essence of your spirit, meaning, it's not what upholds your energy in order to exist. Existence itself is simply connection to source. A connection we were gifted at birth. (Matthew 10:28)

A lot of people are alive today but disconnected to source, they're basically zombies waiting for their finite time to end, and sadly, some think they just turn off back to dirt and nothingness, while others believe in reincarnation or some other type of spiritual wandering which isn't accurate either... you can't exist within God's frequency (Heaven, Space, spiritual realm, etc. which vibrates at a specific tune) if your soul is missing the light from source.

Darkness can never darken the light, but light always brightens the dark–if you're soul is operating at another frequency then you'll end up in the environment that harbors that frequency. (1 John 1:5)

Christians call it Hell, Buddhists call it ‘Naraka’ in Sanskrit, but they each have very different outcomes...Buddhists believe you'll suffer for awhile but then eventually reincarnate. John 3:16 (one of many verses) says that we believe in Him to save ourselves from perishing...and if you do end up in Hell, your suffering is weighed according to your deeds before you perish... (Luke 12:47-48). Some refer to this perspective as the ‘Annihilationist’ or ‘Conditionalist’ view. This interpretation of scripture resonates with me.

In contrast, mainstream Christianity insists that Hell is a place of eternal suffering. I don’t support this view. To me, to ‘perish’ means to cease existing entirely. Poof, vamoose! Your being is gone and is no longer existent! You lose your immortality...

So, you're either connected to Him, or disconnected. In Christianity, it's called "the Vine". We're all branches of this vine. What happens if a branch begins to wither? You can either water it to revive it or cut it off for the sake of the tree, right? That's what happens after you die in this physical life, you're either a weed in the afterlife that needs to be cut off (perish), or you're a fruitful vessel reflecting the portion of God that is allotted to you... we don't know when we die, so that's why knowing our true origin ASAP and honoring our existence accordingly (walking righteously) preserves our souls for the afterlife, otherwise, you forfeit your immortality. (Matthew 13:36-43)

Choose wisely...

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