The VR Benefit Show

The VR Benefit Show

Every Sunday @ 11PM (EST) I'm performing a benefit show on to fundraise for non-profit orgs that I align with and want to support... the goal of each show is to raise awareness and funding for these three causes:

  1. Using music to initiate positive societal change
  2. Standardize off-grid living solutions
  3. Popularize Postmillennialism
Currently, the orgs we support are:
  1. The Motivational Edge (
  2. Moses West Foundation (
  3. (TBA)

50% of proceeds are donated to the cause of the week.

Here's a brief description of each org and why I chose to support them:

  1. My favorite non-profit org is: The Motivational Edge – check them out! The founder (Ian Welsch) is real cool and I admire what he does for the youth of Miami (FL). He's legendary in my book! As a passionate philanthropist, I wish I can do more, I wish I had a bigger platform and more resources to truly make a difference in society, but the best way to change the future is by helping the youth of today. So, by joining me in donating to this organization you'll be helping me realize my dream of making a positive difference somehow. Remember, one of the Vivid Reign mottos is: "Music molds culture, culture runs the world." Here's an introduction to what The Motivational Edge does:

    "The Edge is a dynamic and results-driven 501(c)(3) youth development organization dedicated to driving direct services that propel young lives forward. Harnessing the power of culturally relevant arts and diverse platforms, we actively engage, educate, and empower youth to unlock their full potential."

    One of the strengths of The Motivational Edge is their ability to truly tap into culture to appeal to the youth, and my highlight example of this is the video below, which is when my fav engineer (Derek "MixedbyAli" Ali) visited The Motivational Edge's facility to speak to the youth, and I was lucky enough to get advice from him on juggling multiple hats/hustles (engineering, videography, etc.) which also led to him giving me free passes to his #SeeingSounds workshop later that week out of lucky chance ...unforgettable moment. (That's me in the red hat haha) Thanks #MotivEdge 🙏🏾


  2. Next, regarding off-grid living solutions, in my opinion, it's rarely ever addressed first and foremost – and, the closest resemblance are campaigns for providing aid towards basic needs which are merely "bandaid" gestures (turkey giveaways, etc.) that only help for a brief moment and look great for the press, but no real root problems we're solved.

    Vivid Reign is interested in solving root problems... and THIS ORG RIGHT HERE?!? (Katt Williams voice) THIS ORG RIGHT HERE?!? THIS is the type of root problem solutions that Vivid Reign supports! Meet Moses West:

    "Moses West, the founder of The Moses West Foundation, stands at the forefront of addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time: water scarcity. A visionary and an innovator, West has dedicated his life to developing sustainable solutions to provide clean, accessible water to communities in need across the globe."

    How do your contributions make a difference?

    Your funding is used for Atmospheric Water Generators, Deployment and Installation, Research and Development, Operational Costs, Education and Awareness, Emergency Response, and Sustainability Projects.

    See what I mean? What Moses West is doing is solving a vital issue by changing the root cause, systemically – perpetually changing the future. I highly suggest looking up more videos on him and his org on YouTube, there's a lot of cool content displaying his work and how his AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) idea is changing the world.

    *Sidenote: "Self-sustainable living is godly since you cannot serve God and money." (Matthew 6:24)


  3. We are actively searching for a Postmillennial Ministry to support (TBA)


Thank you for supporting our philanthropic efforts, this is only the beginning...

- airic

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