What is Jesus' real name?

What is Jesus' real name?

Dope breakdown by Lex B. Meyer from UnlearnTheLies

I prefer to call our messiah Yeshua, which means "salvation" in Hebrew – "Jesus" is an English translation of "IESVS/Iesus", which is a Latin translation of "Iesous", which is a Greek translation of "Yeshua". Jesus, IESVS/Iesus and Iesous have no definition or meaning, they're simply phonetic versions for the sake of translation. The "hail Zues" conspiracy is false with no greek language validity which is what the occultist Billy Carson (aka @4biddnKnowledge) claims. But Yeshua will still answer to any version since he knows your heart if you're truly seeking him...I can testify to that.

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