Barterang™ Rules & Protocol



Welcome to the Barterang™ Network! Here's a quick breakdown on how this group works – we're sort of a modern "yellow pages" to find out what businesses accept crypto in your local area while also participating in a bartering community!


    • To find a local business/service/product on the Barterang Network, search our store locator:
    • *Note: adjust your search radius if you need to find a physical location near you, or set the radius to "no limit" for online shopping.
    • To list your business/service/product for discovery on the Barterang Network, submit your info at
    • After reviewing your submission, you'll be notified upon approval to see your listing published on our store locator:

Ideally, we hope everyone would allocate 1 product or service for grants/giveaways at least once per month to contribute to the community's bartering culture and philanthropic efforts.

Please keep all transactions on the Minds network via Minds' tip feature, which currently supports BTC, ETH, FIAT & Minds Tokens – or use DeSo's "Diamond Tips" feature if you prefer to use a DeSo app. If transactions are done outside of Minds or DeSo, then we're not able to read reviews or comments and report bad apples to moderate the community efficiently!

*Note: since the Minds app – and CloutFeed (a mobile DeSo app) – does not include the "tip" or "send DeSo" button feature on iOS, you need to login from your mobile browser (Brave, Safari, etc.) to see these buttons. Both Android devices and the desktop site version for PC/Mac will show these buttons.

If you want to use alt-coins not supported by Minds or DeSo (ie. SOL, LTC, etc.) you can use a centralized custodial wallet like Coinbase Commerce for business transactions or the regular Coinbase Wallet for easy peer-to-peer payments (similar to Cashapp), download the app here: Coinbase – or alternatively, you can participate using any other crypto-wallet of your choice which we recommend over Coinbase if you prefer a Decentralized wallet such as Exodus.


Thanks for participating,

- Airic
Founder of Barterang™, a division of Vivid Reign Inc.
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