Airic - Voices 2

Airic - Voices 2

Airic · Voices 2

Too many (f*cking) voices
And not enough choices
I said, there's too many

Look I'll never give in
Media wana get in, my mind
But they'll never win
We're living in sin
The more we keep killing our kin
And billing the cost to the cops
Word to the block
You heard the word on the street?
Covid ain't killing a lot
Not even close
That's how they want us to stand
I'm telling you this is a joke
Look all around
Everyone wearing a muzzle
No one can tell if you smile
No one can talk
Not even medical doc's
Zuckerberg taking it down
Freedom of speech
They want it gone in the past
They wanna see
How long we last – Before we read
Between the lines while standing in line
Turn off the news, read em and weep
Aint nothin' changed, except for the day
Whatever facts they sayin today
What super PAC is paying to play
What politician is taking the money
And acting like Superman in a red cape
That shit don't fly, not around me
Tell em they bugging, and I got the spray
That's word to God, walking with God
Talk about God? They want you gone
Represent God, represent God, represent God, until I'm gone
I ain't religious, but something is wrong
Visit the kitchen and brew us a cup
Wishin' you listen and maybe wake up

Too many (f*cking) voices
And not enough choices
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I said, there's too many (f*cking) voices
(Yeah, yeah)
And not enough choices
(Choices, choices, choices)
(Choices, choices, choices)

Produced by Airic
Written by Airic
Mixed & Mastered by Airic
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