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Who We Are

What's Vivid Reign?

Vivid Reign™ is a music label with a lifestyle branding model. We promote conscious ethics and sustainable living to our fans and supporters. Our motto is: 'Music molds culture, culture runs the world' – we aim to utilize the influential impact of music to encourage solutions to the world's problems – primarily focusing on self-sustainable living solutions. Our artist roster includes Airic (aka "Blxck Airius", based in Miami, FL), and Aquilla Frost (R&B Singer based in South Africa). Our motto is: 'Music molds culture, culture runs the world'—we aim to utilize the influential impact of music to encourage solutions to the world's problems—primarily focusing on self-sustainable living solutions.


Who's Airic?

"I'm a recording artist and founder of Vivid Reign, I'm also an audio engineer for other collaborators under my multimedia company, Mazadi Vision. My goal has always been the same vision, using music to change the world...as 'cheesy' as that sounds, I mean that."

– Airic

Who's Aquilla Frost?

"Aquilla's an R&B singer, songwriter and dancer, from Johannesburg, South Africa. After hearing her voice on her debut single, "Paid," I knew I had to work with her. We've been collaborating since 2020, i'm lucky to have her on Vivid Reign."

– Airic

Who's Blxck Airius?

The alter ego of Airic as a Lofi/Chillhop producer.

Let's Work


Merch Collabs

Want to work on some merch designs with us? Let's talk, send us an email here.

Submit Your Music

Like what we're doing? Want to join the team? Submit your music here.

Apparel & Accessories


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if your order has not shipped out yet. You can reach out to sales@vividreign.com to cancel your order with your order number and name on the shipping address.

I do not live in the U.S.A. Can I order online?


How do I contact customer service?

You can call +1 (305) 203-3343 or email sales@vividreign.com with any questions regarding your order.

Can I place an order for a custom item online?

Yes, for custom design requests send us an email at team@vividreign.com and we'll get back to you ASAP to discuss your idea! This service is available for customers (fans) and collaborators.

Do you restock your inventory?

We only restock "essential" designs. All other items are "Limited" – meaning only a limited amount of units are sold, so take advantage!



When will my order ship?

Your order will be shipped within 2-5 business days. Once your order ships please allow 7-10 days for domestic delivery and up to 4 weeks for international.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

International Purchases 

All international customers are responsible for all duties, customs fees, and taxes on orders. We do not pre-pay duties, custom fees, or taxes at checkout. We ship all international orders via DHL Express, except for orders going to Russia, we will ship via USPS.  Any refused shipments will not be refunded.

How much is shipping?

All orders are shipped at a flat rate. Pricing varies by tiers.

What if UPS/USPS marks my package as delivered but it’s nowhere to be found?

If your package is missing and nowhere to be found, you can reach out to us, and we will file a claim with UPS. The investigation can take up to 8 days. We won’t be able to refund until UPS comes back with the status of the claim.


Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We offer store credit or exchange only for item(s) shipped back to us within 7 days of receiving your item(s). Items being returned must be unworn and in original condition with all tags attached. If the item is worn, the item will be returned and no credit will be issued for the item.

Once we have received and inspected the item(s) from your return a credit will be sent via that can be used towards your next purchase online. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you opted for exchange on at least one of your items, the exchange order will ship once your return has been received and inspected. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

We do not offer refunds back to the original payment method.

If there is an issue with your order/delivery, please reach out within 7 days of the delivery window so we can assist you, if you are past this time frame, we will be unable to assist you. 

Returns or exchanges from online orders are not accepted in-person. Also, credit issued from online orders can only be applied to online orders, and will not be accepted in-person.

What is Shop Now and how does it work?

When you make a return, you also have the Shop Now option, which allows you to use your store credit earlier if you'd prefer not to wait until your return items have been received and inspected to start shopping. Once we've received and accepted your return, your new order will automatically ship out.

Reoccurring Orders


Can I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription may be cancelled at any time without hassle. Please contact us if you need help cancelling.


Shows & Events

When's the next tour?

We're currently not on tour. If you want us to come to your city, send us a request here!

How do I book your artists?

Thanks for reaching out! Send us an email here.

Do I have to pay to watch live streams?

All performances on live streams via YouTube (or related platforms like Twitch, Rumble, etc.) are free.

Streams that are ticketed are broadcasted here on the VR website. You can tune in by buying a ticket (sold online at our store) or become a member to watch free of charge.

What's the difference between Free Shows and Ticketed Shows?

Live streams on YouTube, Twitch, Rumble, Minds and other related social platforms are always free. We perform songs that are already released, talk on live chat, and just hang out.

Ticketed live streams here on our website are exclusive to VR Members only – featuring performances of unreleased songs that will never drop!

When does Airic perform live stream shows?

Members: Every Saturday, 9PM-11PM only on VividReign.com – Join our membership so you don't miss a show!

FREE: Every Saturday, 11PM-12AM via YouTube. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss a show!

When does Aquilla Frost perform live stream shows?

Aquilla Frost performs pop-up shows on YouTube. Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss a show!

Join the revolution

VR Membership

How do I join the VR Family?

By becoming a member here.

What are the benefits of becoming a VR Member?

  • Early access to HiFi downloads of all our songs (MP3/WAV + Instrumentals)
  • Get 10% discount codes on all merch (apparel, accessories, music and books)
  • Access gated content (ie. unreleased songs, exclusive merch, secret blog articles + more)
  • Participate in members-only events
  • Connect with our "VR Village" group to vibe and barter with likeminded members
  • Reserve early access to buy a signed copy of our latest albums on each release before the public launch (includes physical+NFT version) – LIMITED TO 1,000 COPIES!

*Must be an active member to redeem. Join here.

What if I'm already subscribed as a member on another platform?

If you already support us as a monthly member on other platforms like Minds, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc. then send us an email so we can add you as a VR Member here on our site for free – that way you don't have to cancel your other membership to enjoy your perks there while still getting the benefits of our website membership.

What if I'm not comfortable paying a monthly amount?

No pressure, our Tier 1 membership has three options: monthly, quarterly or yearly.

You can also support by either:

  1. Help spread the word to your friends: join our text clubfollow our socialsstream our music and videos, etc. Word-of-mouth is the most effective promo!
  2. Buying music or merch here on our website
  3. Tipping us on CashappMinds, or directly to our crypto wallet with any of our preferred cryptocurrencies (any amount):
  • BTC: bc1qzkxj2w3hwgpdgncckytlwj82f8g3j9zr2q05vr
  • ETH: 0xf90E269Ec0Fbb2AE12091920E4790B57840A084E
  • STX: SPKYBD4DJNCKS2MXPS6P1J91Y7ECZ44SW9Z031NA (airic.btc) 

*BONUS: "Or please consider making a donation to my favorite non-profit org and reposting your donation on social media to raise awareness: TheMotivationalEdge.org – check them out! The founder (Ian Welsch) is real cool and I admire what he does for the youth of Miami, FL, USA. He's LEGENDARY in my book! – as a passionate Arian Christian, I wish I can do more! I wish I had a bigger platform to truly make a difference in society. So by joining me in donating to this organization you'll be helping me realize this dream of making a positive difference somehow. 

Sidenote: I'm not partnered with Motivational Edge, this is just something I want to do. Thanks."  

 – Airic

What if I want to support more than the highest tier?

Niiiiice...if you wana do that, you can choose to "Make An Offer" and then specify the amount you want to pledge. And um, sheeesh... 😳 Thanks!

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?

You can choose to pay in FIAT or Crypto (Minds Tokens) – BTC/ETH are only possible as one-time tip payments.

Can I stop donating in the future?

You can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

Was this info helpful? Still have questions?

Text "FAQ" to +1-786-305-4922 and we'll help you out.

VR Village

The VRV Code

What's the difference between "VR Members" and "VR Village (VRV)"?

VR Members is our monthly membership for super fans of Vivid Reign™ artists. The membership is focused on providing exclusive perks based on our music, shows and merch.

VR Village (VRV) is a subgroup under our membership catered to members (and free to non-members) who are interested in participating with our bartering referral network. Read our "What is VR Village?" tab for more info.

What is VR Village (VRV)?

VR Village (VRV) is a crypto-savvy bartering club available for free to VR members and non-members. 

VRV is more than just a community of fans based on music and fashion, our unity runs deeper than that. We're family. So, we took our membership club to the next level by providing resources for our supporters to connect, network, and barter goods and services at a discount as a collective effort to support each other's small businesses, as well as contribute to the Postmillennial mission of Christ's kingdom. We believe voting with our dollar is the best method of protest against evil in the world. Join our efforts and browse our VRV locator to find local providers today.

Disclaimer: the VRV network is brand new! Established August 2023, so give us some time to onboard more providers. We are being very selective for quality control! If you or someone you know is interested in participating, sign up here.

(P.S. As you can see, we're a devoted Christian company. But all cultures are welcomed!)

How do I sell goods and services?

To list your business/service/product for discovery on the VR Village, submit your info at http://apply.barterang.org

After reviewing your submission, you'll be notified upon approval to see your listing published on our store locator: http://locator.vividreign.com

How do I buy goods and services?

To find a local business/service/product on the VR Village, search our store locator: http://locator.vividreign.com

*Note: adjust your search radius if you need to find a physical location near you, or set the radius to "no limit" for online shopping.

How do I send or receive payments?

Please keep all transactions on the Minds network via Minds' tip feature, which currently supports BTC, ETH, FIAT & Minds Tokens. If transactions are done outside of Minds, then we're not able to read reviews or comments and report bad apples to moderate the community efficiently!

*Note: since the Minds app does not include the "tip" button feature on iOS, you need to login from your mobile browser (Brave, Safari, etc.) to see these buttons. Alternatively, both Android devices and the desktop site version for PC/Mac will show these buttons.

If you want to use alt-coins not supported by Minds (ie. Litecoin, etc.) you can use a centralized custodial wallet like Coinbase Commerce for business transactions or the regular Coinbase Wallet for easy peer-to-peer payments (similar to Cashapp), download the app here: Coinbase – or alternatively (and ideally), you can participate using any other crypto-wallet of your choice which we recommend over Coinbase if you prefer a decentralized wallet such as Exodus (referral code: H6612B).

How does the bartering part work?

If you can't pay with FIAT or Crypto, we encourage our members to either negotiate a fair trade using the Minds platform for messaging – or request a grant/donation. Ideally, we hope every provider in our network would allocate 1 product or service for grants/donations at least once per month to contribute to the community's bartering culture and philanthropic efforts. Time is our most valuable asset, how can you trade your time?

For questions or feedback, text us: +1786-305-4922


How To Use Minds? 💡

What is Minds? 💡

Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards, make crypto tips and payments with other users, and take back control of your social media. Minds is on a mission to elevate global discourse through Internet freedom.

Why does VRV use Minds for social payments and networking?

Minds is our preferred platform to engage, network and transact with other VR Members. From sending and receiving payments and tips, to leaving comments or reviews to report scammers and poor quality providers, Minds does it all.

Most importantly, the platform's staff and founder (named "Bill Ottman") is aligned with similar values that we hold here at Vivid Reign™. Minds is an anticensorship, freedom of speech and open source community providing a way to give the power back to the people.

Read more about how Minds works and why it's the best social media platform here: http://minds-guide.airicmusic.com

How do I join Minds.com?

Click here to join. Don't forget to subscribe to our profile!